5 Incredible Reasons to Study Digital Marketing and Transform Your Future

Digital marketing courses – are they really necessary? It’s a good question. Browsing the internet, using social media, shopping online, these are all regular activities, which for us as contemporary users, are pretty mundane.

Yet when you step on the other side of the screen and are faced with the challenge of growing a business – whatever the size of your company – it’s an intimidating, demanding and a complicated mountain to climb.

That’s why maintaining an online presence is so difficult. Even the most traditional businesses are online, embracing social media and churning out podcasts because knowing how to market a business online is a vital skill, essential for business success.

More than 9 out of 10 new online businesses fail within the first few months and then there’s the many established businesses which fall by the wayside. You can get a live website up and running in days but making a business grow and sell, that’s something completely different.

Unlike a bricks and mortar business, no-one is going to stop by your website by chance. If you don’t have successful digital marketing in place, a website will remain unseen until either the marketing’s on track or the owner has to close it.

That’s why digital marketing is a complex, varied skill which is in high demand. Just look at the range of roles which fall under the umbrella of digital marketing, there are social media marketers, SEO specialists, online advertising experts, video marketing experts and the list goes on.

Whether you’re a business owner, a student or someone looking to turn an interest into a skill, here’s 5 reasons why studying digital marketing will transform your future for good.

5 incredible reasons to study digital marketing and transform your future

  1. Career freedom: Learning how to market an online business involves the acquisition of a number of profitable traditional skills, such as marketing, web development, copywriting and business development.

On top of that, you’re always at the forefront of learning state of the art business skills everyone needs to know, for example the latest: innovations in AI, shopping trends, browsing habits, Google updates etc.

Having acquired a vast variety of skills, which are constantly evolving, your career options are forever wide open and you’ll develop a growth mindset where you realise your skillset is unlimited.

As if that wasn’t powerful enough, you’ll also know how to grow a business so you can branch out on your own at any point in time. If you want to specialise in a particular area, develop your own area of interest, switch areas in future – all the options are forever open.

  1. Demand unmatched: According to statista.com, to date, there are 88 billion websites online and that figure grows steadily every year. Each one of those websites, whether they belong to a global corporation, SME or an entrepreneur, needs a rich variety of digital marketing tasks carried out throughout the week, every week.

 It doesn’t take long before any website owner realises their very survival is reliant on digital marketing. That means not only is digital marketing in high demand, it also pays well because the ROI is high.

In fact, digital marketing is a data-driven business so it’s easy to evidence the change you’ve made to a company’s fortunes and with no salary caps across the sector – the sky’s the limit for your income.

  1. Your life, your way: In addition to the option to set up and run a successful business, digital marketing also leaves you free to become a digital nomad for as long as you wish. With device in hand, you can do your job from anywhere in the world.
  1. Empower others: Beyond your own skills, you can also empower others within your own business or network to increase their skillset and career prospects. The breadth of skills digital marketing covers includes both creative and technical knowledge so it’s possible for anyone to find an area of study which appeals.

And there are no entry barriers limiting who can join a digital marketing training course.

  1. Choice: Best of all, you can build knowledge at your own pace, attending digital marketing training for different areas of study at a frequency which suits you.

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