Digital Marketing for HR & Recruitment – Masterclass

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When it comes to the nature of modern recruitment, digital marketing is an essential tool for understanding how to approach and find potential employees. HR and recruitment is no longer a self-contained exercise, everything you do from your ads to the interview experience will be filtered through the prism of social media and other digital channels. This means, your recruitment style needs to be at one with your digital marketing style, creating a cohesive brand identity across all areas of your company.
INTRODUCTION TO “Digital Marketing for HR & Recruitment Masterclass”4:32


Hello, and welcome to section 1, within this section I am going to tell you how, to effectively, communicate your brand.


Within this section we are going to look at the digital landscape and the changes in consumer behaviour


Within this section we are going to discuss the full value of mobile, the micro-targeting opportunities available, and how to map your customers journey.


Within this section we will be discussing the best practices and design principles to optimise your website and improve your users experience on all devices, particularly mobile


Within this section I will be discussing ‘search engine marketing’. I have broken this down into 2 parts due to the high volume of information. I will firstly, discuss SEO – (search engine optimisation) this part will be covered within this section And In the next section, section 6, I will be discussing PPC (pay per click) and will be teaching you how to create your own paid campaigns within Google ads


Hello and welcome to section 6, this is the 2nd part to search engine marketing. Within this section we are going to discuss PPC


Within this section we will be looking at 2 of the other campaign types within google ads which include, the google display network and video advertising, we will then look at measurement, metrics and KPI’s for all 3 campaign types, including search, which was discussed in the previous 2 sections So, let’s begin with the google display network, I’m going to start by showing you a video that will explain what this is and how it works.


Hello and welcome to the 2nd part of our course, Section 8, within this section I will be giving you a brief introduction to social media, I will then hone in on two of the key social channels for recruitment- LinkedIn and Facebook.


Within this section we will be discussing Facebook best practices for paid advertising and recruitment Facebook is the largest social platform, it enables people to share information and content with others who work, study and live around them all around the world. Additionally, Facebook enables companies to promote their products or services, increase customer support and boost brand recognition. Facebook is also known as one of the best tools for targeting a specific audience through paid campaigns.


Hello and welcome to section 10, within this section we will look at how to create brand ambassadors


Hello and welcome to section 11, within this section I will be discussing how to create engaging content for your pages.


Hello and welcome to section 12, within this section we are going to be looking at control measurement and metrics, and then digital strategy and bringing it in to your organisation


  • Must have access to:
  • laptop,
  • Good Knowledge of English

Target Audience

  • This industry-leading course is ideal for anyone in HR, primarily those who specialise in recruitment. This includes:
  • Recruitment Agency Staff
  • Talent Acquisition Managers
  • Marketing Staff Whose efforts focus on areas relating to recruitment
  • In addition, this course is suited for those working within recruitment roles across a wide range of industries, such as: iGaming, Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Hospitality, Insurance, Travel (but not limited to).

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