5 Top CRO Strategies For The Best Way to Grow Your Online Business

There’s no point in putting all your energy into driving traffic to your site if it’s not converting into sales. In fact, if you focus on improving your conversion rate, you can achieve more results from less work and still bring a constant flow of new customers to your site.

Think about it. Returning customers are a major priority for any business. If you can turn visitors into customers and keep them, whilst still expanding your customer base with new buyers, you have the perfect result.

This is what conversion rate optimisation does. Strategies which help to make sales are also good for generating new customers. Here’s 5 top ways to grow your online business using proven CRO strategies that work.

What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)?

CRO or conversion rate optimisation refers to the critical strategies your website must include so as many visitors as possible decide to buy your product or service. The survival of your online business is dependent on you having a good conversion rate because if you can’t make enough sales, your business won’t survive.

Good conversion rates vary from industry to industry and are relative to each business. On average, you want to aim for between 2 -5% to begin. Bear in mind that 2.1% is commonly seen as a good conversion rate though for some industries, rates go up to 5%.

As a business, you always want to increase sales so what’s most important is that you set and achieve considered goals to significantly grow your conversion rate long term, as an ongoing strategy.

If your conversion rate is growing and you continue to build returning customers, you have a successful online business. So you’ll need to track the performance of your content, making tweaks and adaptions based on data and testing to improve sales. Here’s 5 top ways to do it.

5 top CRO strategies for the best way to grow your online business

  1. Email Sign-ups: Did you know, a tweak to the language you use, the layout you present to your users, the number of fields you ask potential customers to complete or where a pop-up appears on the page could be affecting your conversion rate?

 A simple design element could be all that’s putting potential buyers off signing up to your marketing emails. Testing a range of different options to see which design has the best conversion rate will clearly show you what works best.

  1. Customer Feedback: Don’t forget too, to use customer feedback to keep in touch with what your customers want from your marketing, content and more.

Ask what information they want to receive in upcoming marketing emails for example, so you can check how useful what you’re sending is and make adjustments to your sign-up offer.

  1. Quality giveaway content: Free giveaway content is everywhere. It’s a great way to keep customers returning to your site but it takes remarkable content to get noticed and convert.

 Use customer feedback and data to create quality giveaway content which holds true value for your target market whilst making your business standout. Remember you’re trying to build a community of buyers who remain loyal to you – give them a reason with top advice and support.

  1. Optimise successful sales: Think about how to make best use of your end of checkout page as well as dropped baskets.

At end of checkout, if you can get that customer to come back, you have another returning customer. Think about how you use the entire end of checkout page, from relationship-building language to the content on the page and what the page navigation will lead the customer to do next.

  1. Remarketing: Utilise remarketing tools so you can market yourself again to visitors who didn’t make a purchase but are likely to buy. Used in conjunction with good analytics, you can do things like remarket yourself to visitors who land on a particular page you’ve noticed is popular with those who become long term customers.

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