5 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies to Rapidly Grow Your Business Now

The challenge of running an online business lies not in getting it online or accessing resources, the challenge is in getting a digital business to grow. The internet is awash with advice but when faced with an eCommerce store, startup or business website that’s fallen silent, you need proven, effective digital marketing techniques that deliver tangible results – fast.

With no time to waste, here are the best digital marketing strategies employed by professional growth specialists across the sector, guaranteed to grow your business long term.

How to use digital marketing for tangible success

But first, let’s talk about how to use digital marketing because there is a way to do it. The key to successful marketing online, is to add a big splash of perseverance and persistence to all you do.

Remember you’ve got billions of competition in the form of other websites, those startups, fashion brands, small businesses and large organisations, are just like yours. You all deserve attention – so what are you going to do that’s different? You have to adopt the mindset to go hard and give your digital marketing the time and energy it needs.

5 powerful digital marketing strategies to rapidly grow your business now:

1. SEO: If you want to grow your online business, you have to start seeing the internet as more than entertainment. Think like a boss and you’ll digest that there are to date, according to Statista.com, over 1.88 billion websites. That’s your level of competition online so your first priority for digital marketing is to consistently get found by your target market.

The way to do that is to build your SEO (search engine optimisation) every day. On page SEO techniques through carefully crafted, targeted web pages, authorative blog posts and slick navigation matched with off page SEO through fast page speeds, precise use of images and lots more, will get you those coveted top spots in SERP (search engine results pages).

2. Email sign-ups: It takes a lot of work to get your target market to your website so when they arrive don’t lose them. Use email sign-ups with the hook of receiving useful content, such as guides, webinars, ebooks, podcasts and lots more, to get every website visitor’s email address. 

The point? Returning customers are how you make money so if you can get people to buy once then keep them coming back, you have a successful online business.

3. Video content: We are now spending more time online via mobile devices than desktops. In fact, according to Ericsson.com, a staggering 66% of mobile traffic is used to watch video content.

 YouTube video content has long been a route to digital growth, now it’s even bigger than ever. Why? Video content is visual, gives instant reward, is universally accessible and entertaining. Best of all, any video content you produce can be repurposed over and over for lots of different marketing purpose, including reels on socials, webinars, blog content, web pages and more.

4. Social following: Digital audiences are hard to generate so we’ve all switched to focusing our time and energy on one channel, mastered to the max. Build your own audience and you have a readily receptive community of your own where every action you take is free marketing for your business that will also boost growth in other prts of your business. Boost your growth with paid ads and more and you another powerful digital tool for your business. 

5. Digital marketing training course: If you’re here, you’ve realised what a complex business digital marketing is. The most effective digital marketing techniques are always changing.

We’ve all seen the perils of not keeping up with the fast-moving digital business landscape so it’s crucial you equip yourself with the skills and tools to grow your business permanently. With your own knowledge in place, you’ll you have the understanding you need to take your business to where you want it to be.  

Join one of our online or in-person digital marketing training courses and master digital marketing for yourself. Book a course, in-house training or consultancy today and watch your business skyrocket to new heights.