To help save you time, money and travel expenses we also offer attend from anywhere courses that can be accessed online from any location. This live classroom training will consist of a mixture of physical and virtual attendees with limited class sizes of up to 25.

Virtual participants will have all the benefits of physically attending the class including being able to ask questions to the instructor and joining in with class discussions. Participants can join in from any location without having to travel or take extended time away from the office.

All you need to take part in our virtual classes is an internet connection, headphones and a microphone! Virtual classroom training sessions combine the best of both worlds, allowing you the freedom and flexibility of online training with all the necessary elements of classroom based learning added in too.

Either choose from our list of Digital Marketing Courses
Or If you operate in the Financial Services Sector please choose from our list of specifically designed Courses

Alternatively, we can tailor courses to suit your organisations individual requirements.
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