A Message from the CEO

Why I Walked Away from A Secure, High-Paid Job to Start my Own Business

When you lay it all out you could easily forgive some people for questioning my sanity—why would a single parent of 2 children leave behind a secure, high paying job, to move to a foreign country with no support system and start their own business—especially in times like these? The answer is simple, happiness!

When it comes to happiness—you have to be passionate about your work. It isn’t just what you spend most of your time doing, it’s something that defines your life. As things changed around me, I started to ask myself, is this really what I want to be doing? Yes, the financial security was great, but that’s not what makes you want to wake up in the morning and get to work. In truth, I already knew where my passion lay, and my not pursuing had nothing to do with the work I was doing—I was simply afraid of change, afraid of risk, afraid of failure. Fear should never be your motivation, nor should it be an obstacle. Fear is something that should be cast aside.

Before I talk you through my journey—and a little bit about how I can help you pursue your dreams—some background on who I am. I’ve spent over 15 years working in the digital sector, and I’ve seen first-hand the rapid transformation that’s taken place. In that time, I’ve delivered training programs for some of the biggest corporations in the world, lectured to marketing graduates, trained everyone from skilled experts to total newcomers. In doing so I’ve learned so much about the industry, but also about myself, and where my true passion lies. As much as I love the work, and I do! What excites me most is sharing that knowledge with others, helping them learn, and grow, which is why I had to strike out on my own, and develop a business that helps me focus on those areas.

That’s exactly what I did—and in doing so, the possibilities started to open up. I realised that my skills and experience already lay in a sector that would allow me to adapt, to pursue my passions in a way that made the most of my strengths and skills. In short, I found the freedom I’d always been longing for. Freedom, and happiness, they’re all we really need.

Pursuing your passion isn’t all that matters though—you also want to be successful. With my background in digital marketing and technologies, I was able to do exactly that, by creating SNB Digital, a business specialising in digital understanding, consultancy, and training.

Even as the pandemic deepens economic worries and causes problems for many businesses, I’ve been able to adapt and survive—in a sector that continues to go from strength to strength. What’s more, it’s the ideal sector for people looking to make a change, offering remote work capabilities and high earning potential.

Here’s where my passion meets yours—I started SNB Digital as a way of bringing my love of digital marketing and my passion for training others and sharing knowledge together —and with our help and training courses, you can open up a new world of digital technology, a place where you can realise your dreams and pursue your passion.

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