Recruitment and Marketing

Going forward in 2020 and beyond, digital technology is going to revolutionize the recruitment sector— in fact, the revolution is already here. We’re seeing new apps, social media recruitment, and platforms that are changing the ways companies should be approaching candidates, and the timing of these changes couldn’t be more crucial—with companies facing more obstacles than ever to their ability recruit the right talent

Finding The Right Candidate

One of the most common mistakes companies make is to simply cast as wide a net as possible—and presume that the right candidate will be somewhere in that group. This is how you end up settling—in reality the right candidate is out there, but you need to understand how to target them. This is where a digital marketing-driven approach can transform your recruitment. Digital marketing is built on principles of understanding your audience, and knowing exactly how to reach and engage them—recruiters should be following these same principles.

Supply And Demand

Perhaps the biggest paradigm shift in recruitment has been the reversal of power dynamics—with a larger number of employers now competing for the same smaller pool of well-qualified and exceptional candidates—companies are now competing with each other to appeal to potential candidates. Taking the same approaches that companies use in their digital marketing can help you build an appealing brand that is reaching the best candidates first, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Make Your Recruiting More Efficient

When it comes to the digital revolution in recruitment, one of the biggest changes is how much faster the process can move—this creates a new industry standard. More than ever, companies need to be moving swiftly in their recruitment. Not only does a longer process leave your company light on the skills they need— it also increases the chances of your company missing out on that all-star candidate your competitors have just landed.

Bring Your Recruitment Department Into The Digital Age

Companies are willing to commit large budgets to digital marketing—and rightfully so. Companies are willing to upskill their workers and revamp their systems to make sure they’re at the cutting edge of digital technology―putting them at the forefront of their industry. Where companies lag behind is bringing these same ideas to their HR and recruitment departments. As we’ve discussed, digital technology will be at the heart of companies making the most of their recruitment opportunities—the only way to do this is by having the right skills and approaches in place. By developing the digital skills of your HR and recruitment areas you will be able to:

  • Develop a cohesive brand identity that you can use to speak to the right candidates—engaging with them, and finding the people who not only have the right skills, but the attitude and personality to match your company’s overall vision
  • Use social media to effectively recruit and engage with candidates—including LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Be able to optimize your recruitment website pages and portals to provide a seamless candidate experience from the very beginning.

And much more!

In order to help companies revolutionize the way they approach recruiting, SNB Digital developed a program designed specifically to help develop digital skills and utilize digital marketing approaches in a recruitment setting. For more information visit the SNB Digital, HR And Recruitment Course page, and then book your place today.