Digital Marketing for HR & Recruitment – Masterclass

This 2-day workshop has been specifically designed to help HR staff, especially those involved in talent acquisition and recruitment, make the most of the potential of digital technology to engage with potential candidates and recruit the right talent. You will learn how to design and optimise your recruitment web presence by understanding how to utilise the primary digital channels and core concepts like social media, Google AdWords, SEO, Display, and analytics.

When it comes to the nature of modern recruitment, digital marketing is an essential tool for understanding how to approach and find potential employees. HR and recruitment is no longer a self-contained exercise, everything you do from your ads to the interview experience will be filtered through the prism of social media and other digital channels. This means, your recruitment style needs to be at one with your digital marketing style, creating a cohesive brand identity across all areas of your company.

Understanding how to utilise digital marketing for recruitment is about more than just branding, it’s about understanding the nature of the modern recruitment landscape and knowing how to use the right tools to thrive in it. Digital marketing can help you to appeal to the candidate you want to look for, honing in on qualities, traits, and skills that you value. This ensures that everyone who gets through to the interview stage could be the candidate you’re looking for.

What’s more, companies can no longer simply hope to attract the right candidates, you need to market your company to them. Communicating the brand values, identity, and unique selling points of your company to prospective clients using digital marketing techniques.

  • The ability to develop a customer-centric culture across multiple aspects of your business, both throughout your workforce and in your strategies for marketing campaigns and customer engagement.
  • Be able to use digital transformation to improve the way you understand and interact with customers, as well as being able to effectively map customer journeys and behaviour
  • Be able to create specifically targeted campaigns that hone in on the right candidates, with the right skills, at the right time.
  • Have a highly optimised careers site with creative and engaging content
  • Your recruitment team will possess an innovative, forward-thinking, digital mindset and have the expertise to develop digital strategies and practices that can effectively transform your organisation and recruitment efforts.
  • More efficient promotional efforts and specifically targeted campaigns— reducing both time and marketing costs
  • A workforce with increased proficiency when it comes to key traits such as creativity, empathy, and emotional and social intelligence
  • Have a client base that is confident your team’s knowledge, skills and abilities leading to higher retention and exclusivity (also applicable to candidates)
  • Finally, be able to use data-driven insights to analyse, track, and improve all aspects of your business, customer experiences, and strategy.
This industry-leading course is ideal for anyone in HR, primarily those who specialise in recruitment. This includes:

  • Recruitment Agency Staff
  • Talent Acquisition Managers
  • Marketing Staff Whose efforts focus on areas relating to recruitment

In addition, this course is suited for those working within recruitment roles across a wide range of industries, such as: iGaming, Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Hospitality, Insurance, Travel (but not limited to).

∗ When it comes to the brand identity of your company, your HR and marketing departments should be working together to develop and communicate your brand. This requires an effective understanding of how to properly use digital channels for communication and promotion.

∗ This course will aim to provide you with a clear picture and developed understanding of the digital landscape. To do that, we will look at how digital media and technology have risen to prominence, as well as profiling how that has altered consumer behaviour. For the latter, we will look at the full end-to-end customer journey, and the role micro-moments play in that.

∗ We will take a detailed look at how to identify key search terms, as well as how best to utilise both PPC and SEO tactics to ensure you are funnelling the right candidates towards your roles.

∗ We will look at expanding your knowledge when it comes to the best ways to utilise social media and primary digital channels including, LinkedIn and Facebook, Display advertising, Video advertising, Analytics and Inbound marketing.

∗ We will help you understand the best ways to optimise your website with a dedicated focus on your careers site and recruitment pages. To do this, we’ll delve into how marketing communication methods can be utilised in recruitment, as well as focus on how to create engaging content for your pages.

∗ Furthermore, you will learn how to develop and implement effective and innovative recruiting strategies for attracting and sourcing potential candidates.

∗ We will also teach you how to best use your current employees to promote your company by turning them into brand ambassadors.

∗ Finally, you will learn how to create a culture of innovation and creativity within your workforce by focusing on digital. Additionally, you will learn how to identify the potential value and uses of technological innovations, and then how to leverage that into effective results.

This course will be structured around a number of different immersive and practical sessions. Occurring over the course of two days, these sessions will utilise a mixture of brainstorming activities and group discussions to provide learning and knowledge through a shared and collaborative focus.

Why Choose Us

  • SNB Digital is uniquely positioned to be able to offer this course. As a digitally focused organisation we are at the forefront of understanding when it comes to the digital landscape and bringing you the tools and strategies that reflect latest trends and developments in digital transformation.
  • The trainer of this course has impressive credentials when it comes to digital marketing and transformation. With over 15 years of experience, including working for large organisations such as Google delivering high level training to numerous companies in various sectors, including the iGaming and financial services sector, automotive and many more, plus accreditations across a range of disciplines, including analytics, paid search, mobile, digital strategy, digital sales, consumer behaviour, international marketing,  artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance and more.
  • Moreover, what sets this course apart is not only the grounding and expertise of our trainer, but also the impressive amount of flexibility, thanks to the ‘Attend from Anywhere’ option, that allows participants to take the course in person, or remotely from any location around the world.
  • Finally, the benefits don’t just stop when the course ends, you will also gain a lasting relationship with SNB Digital Ltd that will continue to benefit your company. SNB will work as consultants, keeping you updating on all the latest developments and trends, as well as providing you with on-going advice, training and guidance when it comes to digital transformation, keeping you at the forefront and helping you maintain a competitive advantage.

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