The importance of adjusting the culture and mindset of your workforce to successfully enable digital transformation

Importance of adjusting the culture and mindset

As technology and innovation continue to grow at a rapid pace, that evolution is being felt by companies, particularly across the financial services sector. As these companies rightfully focus on taking advantage of these emergent technologies and digital transformation to change the way they market and sell, they can’t lose sight of the human aspect. In order to truly take advantage and transform your company for the digital market you need a workforce that is well suited for digital practices and innovation. This article will look at some of the key skills in terms of knowledge and personal traits that are going to be pivotal for any financial services company looking to build an efficient and effective workforce going forward.

Amongst some of the key traits employees need to be able to demonstrate in order to fully capitalize on any digital transformation and change in the way they interact with customers are adaptability, empathy and an open-minded or creative approach. As digital transformation increases not only the variety of customer interactions but also the variety of platforms and channels your employees need to be comfortable operating on, adaptability and the ability to learn new skills will be tremendously important. Similarly, with the increasingly crucial role of technology and automation when it comes to performing tasks, the ability to use and understand new systems and processes will be essential.

Additionally, all of the leading companies when it comes to digital transformation will be those willing to take risks and innovate quickly, making a workforce filled with creative problem solvers a tremendous asset that will lead to a progressive companywide vision and improved operating philosophies, models and processes. Digital transformation also places a greater emphasis on both employee and customer interactions, and the decisions your employees make with regards to customers.

In this regard, empathy and an ability to relate to customers becomes integral. Digital transformation and marketing is very much the world of personalized interactions and micro-moments. By having a workforce that not only creates a positive impression through empathy but also shows the ability to offer targeted solutions based on a customer’s personal needs, this dissolving barrier and changing nature of interactions can become a positive angle for your company to exploit.

It is also important that your employees have an advanced understanding of the nature of digital transformation, how it’s altering marketing and customer interactions, as well as the new practices your company is adopting as a result. Furthermore, it is equally important that they have sufficient technical understanding and skills, especially in a multi-channel digital world, and in the financial services sector where automation and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more prevalent in terms of identifying and analyzing data and trends. This means that technical skill and training will increasingly be a prerequisite for roles across all of the departments in your company, whether that’s changing your hiring practices or upskilling your current workforce.

In light of this, SNB Digital has created a 2-day workshop that aims to adjust the culture and mindset of your workforce to successfully enable digital transformation. Moreover, this workshop has been designed by finance and digital experts all of whom have extensive experience and are implementing digital transformation strategies for organizations around the world.

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