YouTube Launches New tools for creative storytelling

Video ads and storytelling are quickly turning into a favored path for companies to communicate their brand and messages to consumers. Chances are that, if it is made in a smart way, relevant to the target audience, appealing and of good quality and instantly captures the audience’s attention; videos have the power to create brand awareness and recognition, generate leads, boost your product’s overall commitment rate and drive conversions.

To assist in the creation and optimization of videos and to enable advertisers to convey a more captivating promotion experience to more effectively achieve their marketing objectives, YouTube will be launching  ‘ YouTube’s creative suite’ which is a collection of tools that include the following:

  • Director Mix
  • Video Ad Sequencing device
  • Video Experiments
  • Video Creative Analytics

Here is a brief description of how the new tools can be used to improve your creativity, storytelling abilities, optimization, and key metrics.

Video Experiments:

Testing video creative can sometimes be an expensive and time-consuming process. That’s why YouTube has launched a testing tool that allows you to effectively measure the impact and KPI’s, including, brand awareness and purchase intent, amongst other key metrics. The Video Experiment tool is available at no extra cost and will be launched later this month in beta.

Director Mix:

Director Mix allows you to create various versions of your initial video allowing you to swap different set elements such as; images, sound, and text to ensure you have the right video for the right audience. This tool is currently in Alpha.

Youtube Video Ad Sequencing:

The Video Ad Sequencing gives you the chance to string an arrangement of YouTube ads together and make a lucid story in a set order. This tool could also be used to show your message through various sections of content. Video Ad Sequencing is also in alpha.

Video Creative Analytics

Video Creative Analytics will enable you to monitor the different components of your video advertisements and assemble better reports on imaginative execution. It gives you the ability to segment your audience in order to better understand how segmented groups interact with your creativity.

In the near future, YouTube will add to this feature and you will be able to annotate key moments that occur within your video, such as logos or item shots, this will enable you to identify the number of individuals who were shown these key elements. This causes you to track the effectiveness of different video components and make the necessary changes to ensure the success of your next video.

How to use the YouTube Creative Suite tools: YouTube uncovered that few noteworthy brands have just been utilising the individual tool in the YouTube Creative Suite to improve their video promoting efforts. The genius innovation for advertisers has made them excited. We are waiting for the feedback and are just as excited!