Killer Tactics for an Effective Social Media Strategy

Effective Social Media Strategy

Whilst it has become a ubiquitous part of modern life for most of us, within the field of marketing social media is still something of an uncertain and often under-utilized area. It is also one of the most essential areas for any business. Making it vital that you not only have a well thought out and proactive social media strategy, but that you are using the best tactics to get the most effective results from it.

One of the key areas of any social media strategy, and the one that must be taken care of before all else is considered, is that of research. Due to the quickly evolving and exigent nature of social media, a poorly researched or misguided strategy may cause you to quickly lose ground and could prove difficult to overcome no matter what adjustments you make. One key research tactic is to identify your audience, and by this we mean the ideal customer you envision for your product, by building a fictional persona around this idea. You can then create a hypothetical outline for their social media and behavioral habits.

Another important research tactic is self-analysis, making sure you understand your product and the industry at large. One way in which this can be achieved is through keyword research, for example, you can identify how customers are searching for your product and gain an understanding of how best to position yourself to be at the end of these searches, likewise you can gain an understanding of the kinds of qualities and descriptions customers desire in their products. You can also glean tremendous insight from looking at the keywords being used in conversations about your industry, this will enable you to solve problems or anticipate needs with both your marketing strategy and product development.

Another key component of any social media strategy is that of testing and most importantly testing early and often. No matter the quality of your initial research, the only way to fine-tune your social media strategy and produce the best results is to be constantly testing and trying out different variations and tweaks on your strategy. One of the best tactics for this is A/B testing, or split-testing, in which you separate your audience into two random groups and test out different variables and metrics. The advantage of A/B testing is that it allows you to break your social media strategy down into the smallest components, effectively testing each area of your strategy to make the whole operation better.

The final key tactic is the use of social media listening. This entails the monitoring and tracking of conversations relating to specific topics, keywords, phrases or brands. These insights can then be used to create effective content, optimize your social media strategy and to discover opportunities for marketing and product development. There are a number of different ways to effectively utilize social media listening, for example, social media is one of the most common channels people use for customer complaints and concerns, this allows you to implement effective solutions within that department, and to build a brand identity and engagement by showing that you are listening to feedback. Another key use of social media listening is to effectively tailor your content, in terms of language, style, and other qualities, to suit your target audience.

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