How SMEs and new businesses can conquer search in 2018

SMEs and new businesses

The field of search engine based marketing and pay per click advertising is one that is not only essential for any new business or SME but also one that is constantly evolving. With businesses needing to keep abreast of all the latest trends and developments. One such recent development is the rebranding and reorganizing of Google Adwords as Google ads, with a greater emphasis on PPC advertising features. This article will seek to illuminate some of the best PPC practices for your business to adopt in order to take advantage of this development, as well as some of the ways in which businesses are failing to take advantage of these opportunities.

As one of the preeminent tools for any business or SME, the setup of your Google ads account (formerly known as Google Adwords) is a crucial component in terms of generating high-quality search traffic and significant returns on PPC advertising. It is also a strategy that businesses often fail to utilise correctly, missing out on key benefits down the line. A well thought through and optimal account structure will have benefits across the board, including in vital metrics such as Quality Score, increase in relevant traffic and clicks, and making your account easier to operate and maintain.

The best structure for your account is obviously one tailored to your website and needs, but broadly speaking it should be divided into individual campaigns, each with its own subset of ad groups containing keywords, unique text, and landing pages. Once this is done, another area in which businesses often fail to generate optimal results is through the analysis of keywords and ad groups that they are generating. There are a number of pivotal tactics when it comes to keyword research.

For example, it’s important to always be specific, as broad terms my produce unrelated results. Likewise, with advancements in search engine technology and the changing nature of user interfaces, longer string search queries are becoming increasingly prevalent, things such as “How do I find” and “What is the best option for”. These should also come into consideration in your keyword analysis. Most importantly, be comprehensive and methodical, identify as many relevant keywords as possible, group them logically, and test them thoroughly.

Another key area in which businesses often neglect is the importance of their Quality Score. This metric is used to reward advertisers who provide the best, and most effective, experience, and is based on controllable factors such as ad and copy relevance. Most importantly your Quality Score, directly affects your Ad Rank, meaning that it will directly impact the adposition as well as other key PPC metrics such as impressions and cost per click. Ensuring that all aspects of your website contribute to a high-quality score is essential, as is continuously monitoring and looking for ways to improve and maintain it.

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