The Advantages Of In-House Marketing, And How We Can Help You Make That Change

In-House Marketing

Developing a clear and concise digital marketing strategy is one of the most important tasks for any company, which is why prevailing wisdom for most companies is that you should contract specialists to take care of your company’s digital marketing needs. We believe there is another, a better way, and that is by up-skilling your staff in digital marketing enabling you to bring all of your digital marketing needs in- house, a strategy that will be tremendously beneficial for your company.

The current model of relying on a marketing agency for all your digital marketing needs is one that is ultimately hurting your company. One of the biggest drawbacks of using a marketing agency is the simple fact of the expense of it, no matter what size of the agency you’re using, the fees they are charging will not only reflect the service they provide but the costs that come with running a company. In short, their overheads are being passed onto you, something which can only be avoided if you keep your digital marketing in-house.

Another drawback is that the marketing they provide you with may not necessarily reflect how you envision your product or your brand identity. This is because an outside agency will both lack the familiarity with your brand needed to truly capture it, and may often use similar approaches across multiple clients, a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t reflect your company’s individual traits. Of course, there is one main and unavoidable potential drawback to in-house digital marketing, the people these companies employ are trained experts in their field with years of experience and know-how, whilst you could hire your own digital marketers, there is a cheaper and more cost-effective way, one that we at SNB have perfected.

This simple yet effective solution is to train your own employees to become experts in the field of digital marketing. This solution is one that offers are a number of benefits for your company, first and foremost this will be a tremendous money saver for you, by keeping your marketing in-house and up-skilling your current employees you will have improved your digital marketing at a fraction of the cost.

This strategy also allows you to be at the forefront of the latest changes and trends in digital marketing by giving your employees the kind of cutting edge digital marketing training offered by SNB. You will also be able to streamline all your marketing data, keeping it stored internally and in one location to improve efficiency.

In short, the marketing knowledge your employees gain will enable them to develop effective and tailored marketing strategies, they will be experts in areas such as market research, tactical promotion plans, SWOT methodology and much more. And this expertise will also have intangible benefits to your company as a whole, by making your employees more well-rounded and knowledgeable you will be improving yourself across the board.  Both of these things will achieve all the goals of an outsourced digital marketing strategy, at a much lower cost, and with additional benefits that outsourcing simply cannot provide.

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