Short Courses

How to get a Career in Digital Marketing (ideal for those looking for a career change and recent graduates who are looking to enter the world of digital)
Developing marketing strategies for growth and competitive Advantage
Get a better return on investment from your digital marketing
Digital Marketing Crash Course
Traditional marketing in a digital world
Personalisation in a digital world
Strategic digital marketing for B2B & B2C businesses
How to create the perfect digital strategy for your business
Defining and combining your Digital and offline marketing Strategy with an emphasis on ROI
Understanding and growing your business online with Google and Analytics


(Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Classes Available)

Ultimate SEO checklist for website design and Smart ways to combine content marketing with SEO
Online Lead Generation and Conversion Masterclass
The science of posting on Social Media in order to generate leads
Mobile Marketing Masterclass
How to generate leads and convert them into sales using Email Marketing
How to utilise video to generate leads (Video Marketing)
(SEM) Search Engine Marketing (PPC and SEO – Masterclass)
Digital storytelling and future marketing
How to track, monitor and improve your ROI using Google analytics
Attribution modelling and what your missing by not applying it
How important is conversion rate optimisation for your business
Enhancing your digital brand (How to tell your story online)

Technological Demand Based Courses

Data analysis and the ability to present and visualise data effectively
‘Big Data’ initiatives and customer insight to enable personalisation with customers
Technology and Marketing Automation
Growth Hacking – Using replicable and scalable data methodologies to drive growth
Bespoke courses – corporate training
Business Skills Courses

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